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Association Cleaning

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Prioritizing Health with Impeccable Cleanliness

Why Minty Clean for Association Cleanings: Elevating Community Living in Southwest Florida

Why Minty Clean for Association Cleanings: Elevating Community Living in Southwest Florida

In the dynamic world of community living, the cleanliness of shared spaces is essential for fostering a vibrant and comfortable atmosphere. Minty Clean is your dedicated partner, ensuring immaculate environments for apartments and condos in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Lehigh Acres, and beyond.

Tailored Services for Community Living:

  1. Apartment Complex Cleaning:

    • Comprehensive cleaning to maintain the overall cleanliness of apartment buildings.

    • Regular upkeep for shared spaces, hallways, and communal areas.

  2. Condo Common Area Cleaning:

    • Specialized solutions for condominiums, focusing on lobbies, fitness areas, and communal lounges.

    • Customizable cleaning plans to suit the unique needs of condo associations.

  3. Pool and Recreational Area Maintenance:

    • Ensuring a clean and inviting atmosphere around pool areas and recreational spaces.

    • Regular cleaning to enhance the aesthetics and hygiene of leisure zones.

  4. Shared Facilities Sterilization:

    • Rigorous cleaning of shared facilities like gyms, meeting rooms, and laundry areas.

    • Adherence to sterilization protocols for a safe and healthy community.


Why Associations Choose Minty Clean:

  1. Community-Focused Cleaning Protocols:

    • Tailored services designed to enhance the living experience for all community members.

  2. Flexible Cleaning Plans:

    • Options for full-service janitorial solutions catering to the unique needs of associations.

    • Monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or daily cleaning plans to suit community schedules.

  3. Environmentally Conscious Cleaning Practices:

    • Utilization of eco-friendly cleaning agents for a sustainable and healthy community.

  4. Professional Cleaning Staff:

    • Trained cleaning professionals who understand the intricacies of community living.

    • Respectful and diligent staff dedicated to maintaining shared spaces.

  5. Cutting-edge Equipment for Thorough Cleaning:

    • Implementation of modern equipment to ensure comprehensive cleanliness in shared areas.


Flexible Cleaning Options to Suit Your Community's Schedule:

Choose from our flexible cleaning schedules:

  • Full-service janitorial options

  • Monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or daily cleaning plans


At Minty Clean, we understand the importance of a clean and harmonious community living environment. Trust us to deliver top-notch cleaning services that elevate the living experience for all residents. Minty Clean is committed to ensuring your association spaces shine, creating a welcoming atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

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