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Transitioning From Construction Chaos to Spotless Spaces

Post-Construction Cleaning in Fort Myers and Surrounding Areas

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Fort Myers' Top Choice for Post-Construction Clean-Up: Minty Clean

Turning a post-construction site in Fort Myers and its surrounding areas into a usable, inviting space demands specialized cleaning know-how. Minty Clean stands out as the local expert in making every corner and surface spotless, ensuring a space that's immediately ready for its new occupants.

Core Services for the Fort Myers Region:

  • Post-Construction Debris Removal: Quickly and efficiently clearing all remnants of construction.

  • Post-Construction Dust Elimination: Expertly ridding every space of that all-too-common construction dust.

  • Floor Polishing in Fort Myers: Giving a gleaming finish to freshly installed floors.

  • Window and Glass Cleaning: Ensuring clarity in every window across the building.

  • Room-by-Room Detailing: Tailoring each area, from bathrooms to boardrooms, for its intended use.

Why Fort Myers Contractors, Real Estate Developers, and Property Managers Prefer Minty Clean:

  • Post-Construction Cleaning Expertise: Mastery in addressing the distinct challenges of construction aftermath.

  • Advanced Cleaning Tools: Incorporating the latest technology for maximum cleaning efficacy.

  • Sustainable Cleaning in Fort Myers: Guaranteeing a chemical-free, green-cleaned environment.

  • Dedicated Professional Team: Specialists trained to notice the finer details in post-construction cleaning.

  • Swift Service Turnaround: Committed to readying spaces for immediate use, without delay.

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