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Why Choose Minty Clean for Schools, Colleges, and Universities?

Education is a journey, and every journey should begin in a spotlessly clean environment. At Minty Clean, we believe in creating hygienic spaces that foster learning and growth.

Key Services:

  • School Cleaning Services – Regular and deep cleaning for a safer learning environment.

  • University Campus Cleaning – Comprehensive solutions for larger educational complexes.

  • Dormitory & Hostel Cleaning – Keeping residential spaces germ-free and fresh.

  • Laboratory & Equipment Cleaning – Ensuring critical learning tools remain in pristine condition.

  • Playground & Sports Complex Sanitization – Health-first approach to outdoor spaces.

Why Educational Institutions Trust Minty Clean:

  • Customized Cleaning Solutions tailored for educational environments.

  • Eco-friendly Cleaning Agents safe for both students and the environment.

  • Professional and Trained Staff specialized in academic institution cleaning.

  • State-of-the-art Cleaning Equipment to handle any size project.

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